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María Elena Real Estate has prepared a Security Protocol so whole visits will remain safe, both in our office and in the properties we manage.

All María Elena Real Estate employees have successfully completed an online course on General Aspects of the SARS-CoV-2.

We will detail the measures to take, before, during and after the visit.

  • We will inform you of the protocol to follow prior to the visit so it won’t be any problems or misunderstandings.
  • For your tranquility, the times between visits will be spaced, in order to ventilate and sanitize the properties, erasing any possibility of open days.
  • The maximum number of people to visit a property will be related to its size. We recommend you not to go with children and keep the established safety distance at all times.
  • The use of a mask will be mandatory and that of gloves recommended.
  • If the property has an elevator, our agent will go up first and then the clients.
  • We recommend the use of hydroalcoholic gel or washing with soap and water, before and after the visit.

In our office we will take similar measures.

  • Mandatory use of mask.
  • Limited capacity (75%)
  • Surface cleaning with 70% alcohol-based spray solution before and after each visit.

We appreciate your understanding and remind you that, at any time, security measures may vary, depending on the recommendations or modifications that may be issued by the Ministry of Health or any other official agency.