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Our main service is Management and Intermediation in the trading, rental or transfer on properties of any nature, ensuring their traceability with our high standard management system.

From first contact with client, we start a personalized and approachable relationship, to facility a comprehensive service, carrying out all types of real estate actions such as: valuations, negotiations, management in all types of official institutions, capital gains, deposits, which conclude with the perfection of the operation and subsequent monitoring of the contractual relationship, maintaining a close relationship with the client at all times.

In summary, our activity focuses on:

  • Real Estate purchase.
  • Real Estate rentals.
  • Assignment of Business Premises.
  • Management of New Promotions (Promoter – Builder).
  • Management of Family and Business Assets.
  • Real estate management oriented to relocate Executive Managers of companies, directly managing the rental or purchase of properties for those companies and / or their managers.
  • Facilitate services on properties adjustments (subscribre and unsubscribe from the different supply companies …) as an added value to our real estate management.


  • Properties valuations. Ask for a budget without compromise in your valuations, even for court.
  • Certificates of Power Efficiency. You can contact a technician to aply the European Law on Energy Efficiency of Finished Buildings.
  • Reform Proposals.
  • Desining of architectural drawings.
  • Desining of 3D architectural drawings.
  • Home-Staging. We help you in the “staging” (making small improvements, like lighting, …) of your property to increase the possibilities of sale or rental.

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and analyze the possibilities of your property investments.