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How to get the NIE in Valencia

Any european citizen living legally in Spain for more than 3 months has to apply for the NIE, which will be needed for many social or profesional  issues, like getting a health card.   The steps you have to follow in Valencia

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How to refuse a verification of Values in Valencia

Have you bought a flat lately in Valencia?. This new is a must read! View

Impuesto de sucesiones y transmisiones patrimoniales

La Comunidad Valenciana, tercera autonomía donde más se incrementa la recaudación de tributos cedidos, con una variación interanual del 10’4%.

Welcome to María Elena Real Estate new website

Dear Customer: It’s a pleasure for the whole team to welcome you to our new website. We been taking care of every little detail to make your search on the right property as a unique experience. You will find diferent spaces

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